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30 October 2012

Some Twitter friends!

29 October 2012

This one's for Kei!
I'm so gay, I wear V-neck shirts.

24 October 2012

12/11/2012 EDIT: Con Report!

Hi, I am going to share a booth in Artist Alley with some of my classmates in AFA Singapore 2012 (Singapore Expo, Hall 7) on November 10-11.

Birthday gift to my new artist friend Rhoald!
It is rushed because I actually did not know today is his birthday (but now I have written it down on my calendar so next year I will give him a better one!).

Do check out his gallery, he has so many cute and cool creature designs, and his inking skill is superb! :)

21 October 2012

Some school work for character design class.

19 October 2012


18 October 2012

10 Things About Talent by Greg Manchess

Thank you for reminding me of how it's all about hardwork and effort.


11 October 2012

伊藤 若冲

10 October 2012

So, we are asking questions like
Which is right and which is wrong,
What side are you taking, whose side are you opposing,
Which is black and which is white,

But what if in the first place, everything is actually red?

9 October 2012

8 October 2012

'...Any strength to even try,
To find a voice to speak your mind,
When you do, all you want to do is cry,

Well... maybe you should cry.'

7 October 2012

Little Red, Little Red,
Tell me where you are going to.
Little Red, Little Red,
I am behind you.

Threadless T-shirt Unbranded Beanie H&M Dress worn as Skirt TOPSHOP Tights Sketchers Mary-Jane

'I don't know how to tell you,
I'm afraid to screw up, to ruin everything,
A lot of ideas to clarify from the past,
But I've always been leaving my feelings behind.'

5 October 2012

I shall do a better artwork for you soon. Soon.

4 October 2012

Today's outfit.
League Hoodie Unbranded Dress •  Unbranded Jeggings •  Converse Graffiti Sneakers