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2 April 2014

It's been a while

It's been a while. I have grown quite attached of this place, but it's very difficult to share personal stuff on blogspot. I used to use livejournal before this so I kind of miss the liberation that it's giving me to set the privacy of each post individually.

I also really missed reading on people's life (so nosy, hahaha) on livejournal. Nowadays everyone is on tumblr, twitter, facebook... microblogging is such a big thing that nobody really bothered to put down their thoughts and days anymore. I guess it's much more practical, and I too, use twitter. But somehow I just really miss blogwalking. I hope that everyone will get back to it eventually...

Anyway I tried to set up a dreamwidth account and imported some stuff from my older livejournal there. The community in dreamwidth is much smaller and rather inactive, but by doing this I am hoping to be able to, sort of, start a new life there.

If you want to see me on dreamwidth you can go to radiuju. Feel free to add me there, I will most likely follow anyone back because I really like reading other people's thoughts. Hahaha. Most of my posts are locked, though (friends-only) so hopefully you would join in the community! :)
Hopefully one day dreamwidth would allow us to cross-post between HTML platforms. That would really make things easier. Haha.