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24 October 2012

12/11/2012 EDIT: Con Report!

Hi, I am going to share a booth in Artist Alley with some of my classmates in AFA Singapore 2012 (Singapore Expo, Hall 7) on November 10-11.

Our booth's name will be DenpaEnpitsu (C13). Feel free to visit! The booth is going to facilitate a lot of us (it is a class booth after all, not a personal booth) so I am only selling this badge set featuring the members of Generation of Miracles!
Size is 5.5 cm
 By the way, Kuroko is purposely made facing a different direction from the rest. It is my way of depicting the story of Kuroko no Basuke through these badges!
Plus... That way you can pair him with any of the other 5 side by side! ;)

My dearest friend Gloria is also joining the booth, and she is selling a set of Pokémon badges!
 Size is 5.5 cm.

Each badge is 3 SGD.
Here's the deal: if you buy one whole set, you'll pay only 15 SGD!

There will be limited units of each character for both sets and we will not reprint them after they are sold out, so please inform us through e-mail (for Kurobasu badges, you can find my e-mail on the sidebar and for Pokémon badges, you can reach her through here) if you'd like me to reserve for you!

Besides these badges, there will also be items from Halfbaked, a budding online store owned by Gloria and myself. We sell mainly accessories and charms made of polymer clay, but here are photos of some of our products to get you interested:

Kanto Starter Rings.

Pastry charms, this Cherry Pie is just one of them!

Funky earrings like this pair of Galaxy Studs.

Halfbaked is not officially open yet, so for now AFA is the only place to get our items!
If you are interested, you may join the Half-baked mailing list to get notified when we are officially open! Just drop us an e-mail and we will add you in!
(and other than the products I have mentioned above, my classmates are also going to sell their merchandise, so please check them out.)

Well, I did not expect this post to become so long. I guess I should end it here.
Thanks for reading and see you at AFA! ^^

P.S.: You can also read Gloria's post about the booth here!

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Janitra said...

omg the starter rings and the pokemon badge! is it possible to send it to indonesia? :(

joaru said...

It is possible but it might take some time because our location is in Singapore (and we are quite busy with school + event preparation, ). If you don't mind waiting, it's not a problem at all. :)

Just send us an e-mail so we can reach back to you easily ^^

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

nice! xx

Kelly 혜린 (ケリー) said...

How much is one ring ? do email me at . I'm asking my friend to get it for me since I might not be able to go AFA ):

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