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12 November 2012

AFA 2012 Report! and birthday post.
 My birthday was awesome thanks to beautiful people!
I was quite sad because I could not spend it with my parents and sister... Thankfully I have my friends!

Some birthday gifts:

from Emmanuel!

from Eru, Zei, Geraint, Gina and Germaine! (Yes, I like owls)

from Kel! Met her for the first time at AFA and she gave me this beautiful drawing of Judal. I felt that I should be ashamed the drawing I gave to her was not as good as her drawing... I am sorry! I will do better next time!

More gifts sent online:

from Rhoald! The dragon on the left is my OC. He knows I like Monster Rancher's Suezo (don't give me that look! hahaha). That's supposed to be me in the middle but she is way cuter than me... *SOUR LAUGH*

 This one is from Azeon! He is my senior high school friend and now he is so far away in China... Wish I could meet him soon in real life! This is a drawing of my OC (school assignment).

 from Kaze! AEGIIIIIIIIIIIIS. *foams*

 A postcard from Kidchan's booth, given to me by Meiliana (my junior in university)! Thank you so much, Mei!

I also had a birthday dinner treat at Tonkichi from Gloria, Clint, and Brian! The food was so good!
My Pa actually asked me if I wanted anything for birthday gift but I already asked him to get me a PC for working at home so I felt bad for asking something more... In the end I said no. Hahaha.

Next is AFA haul! Some of the items are actually freebies/bonuses from the books.

 As usual, my biggest loot is always from Sou's booth. Hahaha. I was so lucky, the wildr postcard was the only one left in stock! She gave me the Ghibli charms for free... Such a generous person! I took this picture after I unpacked everything (silly me) so as you can see I already put my Totoro charm at my Totoro pouch and the Sophie charm at my phone.

The handkerchief is now in my NDS case.

 Kurobasu loot!
All the items are by Fe, except for the colour-print of Akashi, that one is by Manda!

Loot from Ein Lee's booth! I bought both of her artbooks. There is also a poster but I packed it inside my luggage home already, too lazy to unpack again. Hahaha.

This one is from Kidchan's and Hwei's booth. I am a big fan of booth, I was glad I was able to meet Hwei in person (like finally!) but unfortunately Kidchan's not around. Hwei's comics are the best, I love her Lalage so much!

 From Nair! Her Magi doujins are so beautiful. I really like the way she draws Judal.
I got a sketch of fem!Judal too. Hehe.

 This one is from Choon Wee's booth. He is probably the only non-anime artist that year. I saw his art before in the Art Jammers group. Really liked his art style and sketches! I shamelessly approached him for a little chat and it turned out that he is friends with my animation lecturer.

That is all for AFA and my birthday! I cannot wait for next year's AFA!

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