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30 September 2012

Met up with Sou. She went for Harry Potter exhibition in Singapore, so we decided to meet up in Antoinette. I would love to go to Harry Potter exhibition, but then again I heard it was more focused on the movies instead of the books.

Besides meeting a friend, I also made new friends like Tricia, Lydia, and Kei.

Some cheesy bokeh filter because I can.
These are so gorgeous that it felt so wrong to eat them. Sou said, "It's like destroying a piece of art."

Sou's and Kei's cakes. I think it's named Charlotte. No Madoka Magica reference.
Tricia's Antoinette. I heard this is the signature cake.
Mine. I am very gay, I know.

I am going to meet them again in November during AFA. I was quite worried that I would not be able to get along with them because I am extremely socially awkward, but they were all very nice and kind. I hope I can get to know them better.

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