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17 December 2010


They were in the dark, hiding from us,
Wishing they could go back,
Wishing they could turn the time,
But it was too late for everyone,
No one saved them from the downfall,
No one stood there when they were snatched,
When their flesh was ripped and their jewels were stolen,
Now they are lifeless, heartless, organless,

(Can you hear me screaming?
   Can you hear me crying?
   Of course not, you made me sleep deeply,
   How could you do this, how could you not feel it?
   How it feels to wake up as a living dead.
They were waiting, waiting for you.
Ready to do the same thing,
Ready to make you pay for it,
No one will help you, no one will.
Just like how they were before in your lair,
Just like how they lay on your table,
When their flesh was ripped and their bones were broken,
Now they are lifeless, heartless, organless

Someone save me, give me my life back.
Give my insides back,
Or I shall take yours,
I’ll make you one of us.

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