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24 December 2010

Just Like A Witch, I Have To Burn To Death
The sky was so dark, as the moon was hiding behind the gloomy clouds. The air was so tense, as if it wanted to emphasize the coldness of the night. As if it were not terrifying enough, I was here, tied together with my kinds.
Suddenly a bright light appeared out of nowhere. It was crimson in color, with golden and sunkist shades. It was a flame. A huge flame. I could see that some of my friends were already burning along the fire. They silently turn to dusts.
There were children running towards us, they laughed and cheered and smiled upon our sorrow. I had lost my hope ever since I was mutilated by those muscular men. Then these kids held us tight, as they moved their feet to the warm blaze.
I was pushed into the scarlet light. My dermis was crisp, my insides were eaten slowly by the gluttonous flame. Then all I could hear was those children singing along the cracking sound of ours,
“O bonfire! O bonfire!”

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